Anatomy & Physiology Important Model Practice Bit Bank in Telugu

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Some Important Sample Questions are

  1. What is Anatomy?

– Human structure, the structure of the organs and the interrelationships of the organs white science

  1. Physiology?

– The science of the functions of the life business of the various organs in the human body.

  1. The scientist who discovered the cells?

– Robert Hooke

  1. What is the biological substance in the cell called?

– is called granulation.

  1. Who named the biological material in the cell?

– Table

  1. How many types of microbial lattice are there in a cell? –

There are two types of endocrine grid.

  1. a) Germicidal biodiesel b) Lemongrass
  2. What do mitochondria oxidize and release into food?

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